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|Updated on: February 8, 2024

Efficient, versatile, and comprehensive billing software for your business

TallyPrime enables businesses to generate professional-looking and customized bills and invoices that cater to their unique requirements. Its vast array of features and remarkable adaptability seamlessly conform to any business style or process, producing accurate invoices that promote efficient business management.

TallyPrime is a highly adaptable billing software that allows you to configure invoice information, incorporate your logo, select billing formats that align with your business style, and more.

With its vast array of features, TallyPrime can be tailored to suit your business requirements perfectly. Additionally, TallyPrime provides various record-keeping formats, the flexibility to switch between single-entry and double-entry systems, automated posting and processing, and many other benefits.

TallyPrime's billing software features

1. Multiple billing mode

The saying, ‘One size doesn’t fit all’, applies the best when it comes to businesses. Based on the type of business you run, you need a flexible billing solution that would cater to your needs. TallyPrime lets you use the module based on your requirements and usability. If you are in a business that involves inventories, you can use “Item Invoice”. You can choose “Accounting Invoice” to record your service invoices, this is useful for service businesses as well. Just in case you are accustomed to “Dr Cr” way of recording invoice, you can choose “Voucher mode”, also known as “Transaction mode”.

TallyPrime Stock Management
TallyPrime Warehouse Management

2. Multi-tasking

Using TallyPrime, you can multitask and handle day-to-day interruptions. Let’s say, you are in the middle of the sales invoice but want to record another new sale or any other voucher. You are in the middle of making sales invoice but got a call from a customer inquiring about the stock position or pending order. There is an immediate need to print another report being in the middle of voucher entry.

With TallyPrime’s flexible billing system software, you will be able to handle many such situations without the hassle of switching between multiple instances of Tally or the worry of losing your progress.


3. Multi-currency support

Business transactions are mostly not confined to dealing with only local parties. Many organizations have transactions in more than one currency for which foreign currency accounting is required. With TallyPrime, you can record invoices, quotations, orders, accept payments and receive bills in foreign currency. The gains or losses in Forex that occur due to daily variations in currency rates are auto-calculated and can be adjusted by simply recording a journal entry.

Track Inventory Batchwise

4. Fully flexible to personalize your invoice

With a host of invoice configurations and options in TallyPrime, you can personalize the invoice according to your preference. You can configure your invoice with additional options such as inclusive of tax, discount column, actual and billed qty. etc., to meet your business needs. Not just that, you can personalize your invoice with a logo and other details as it suits you. Thus, making it even more customized to your business.

5. Easy to capture occasional details on the invoice

TallyPrime lets you capture occasional details that come with dealing with a particular supplier or customer or a particular transaction type, without disturbing the flow that you are most used to. Let’s say, occasionally you deal with exports or consignor-consignee type of transitions that requires you to mention the additional details. You can simply use ‘More details’ in TallyPrime to capture it. This way, you will be able to capture occasional details without disturbing the regular flow of data entry.

TallyPrime Invoice

TallyPrime: Enhanced invoicing & billing features

  • Your bills receivables and payables are managed automatically while you save your invoice
  • You can pre-set the details such as duty ledgers, additional ledgers etc. to reduce the repetitive data entry in the invoice
  • You can easily record post-dated transactions supported with a post-dated register
  • You receive support for promotional transactions such as free schemes, samples through different actual and billed quantities and zero-valued transactions.

Choosing a billing software: Key considerations

Billing/invoicing is a crucial process for a business. Since every business is managed differently, business management software should offer capabilities to a business owner that would help him manage his business more efficiently.

Billing solution is an integral part of an accounting and finance software package. The billing system software can range from the simplest and most basic to the more advanced billing software with sophisticated features.

Below are a few key things to consider before buying billing software:

  • Simple and easy to record invoices 
  • Supports multiple modes of invoicing 
  • Host of invoice configuration to meet your business needs
  • Allows multi-tasking
  • Generates GST compliant and accurate invoices
  • Automate bills receivables by recording the invoices

Benefits of using billing software

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Manage Outstanding Easily

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Automating Task
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Billing & Invoicing Made easy with Billing Software
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Multiple Billing Mode
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GST Compliance
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Making Data Accessible

Why do businesses need billing software?

By automating data entry and ensuring accounting accuracy, billing software plays a critical role in maintaining precise financial records and streamlining accounting principles, procedures, and processes.

Here are some of the key benefits of billing software

  • Faster billing and invoicing 
  • Reduce late payments and maintain cash inflow
  • Streamline your accounting and financial processes
  • Generating invoices anytime, anywhere
  • Customise bills and invoices based on your requirements

TallyPrime: enhanced invoicing and billing features

Invoicing is a critical aspect of the business; GST makes it even more important. Because your customer will be eligible to claim input tax only if you issue a GST compliant invoice. You need to issue different types of invoices, such as tax invoices, bills of supply, export invoices, etc., based on the nature of the supply that is made.

TallyPrime is inbuilt with the intelligence to understand the nature of the transaction that is been made and automatically generate the invoice type that is prescribed by the law. Thus, ensures that the invoice is compliant and accurate. 

What's more? As a GST ready software, TallyPrime provides you with all the features right from GST billing to generating GST returns, with built-in capability to prevent, detect and correct error and many more features, making it the best billing software, businesses should look to have.

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TallyPrime's billing software price

Every business is different and so is their process. TallyPrime’s billing and invoicing capability allow you to customise your purchase and sales management based on your business needs. You can also choose a suitable invoice/billing format according to the products/services your business deals with for a faster generation.

Get the most reliable billing software for your company's growing needs; Perpetual License for Rs. + % GST (INR ). With TallyPrime Create, Customize & Print VAT-compliant bills & invoices. Try It For Free

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can we print invoices from TallyPrime’s invoice generator software?

    Yes. With TallyPrime you can create, print, and e-mail a professional-looking invoice in a few seconds. With the capability to configure additional information in the invoice, add your logo and more, as per your preferences. Built with intelligence to automatically generate different types of invoices like tax invoices, bills of supply, GST invoices, and e-way bills without having to re-enter details in the e-way bill portal. What’s more? You can automatically generate e-invoices and print invoices with IRN and QR codes instantly.
  • What is the price of billing software?

Depending on the size and the business requirement, you can choose from different modules which Tally offers:

Silver Rental (Single user edition) INR /month (+% GST)
Silver Perpetual (Single user edition) INR (+% GST)
Gold Rental (Unlimited multi-user edition) INR (+% GST)
Gold Perpetual (Unlimited multi-user edition) INR (+% GST)
  • How does billing software work?

A billing software aims at reducing manual work of generating professional-looking, tax-compliant invoices. It is designed to generate invoices for products and services provided. 

  • How can I improve my billing process?

    By automating billing and invoicing, billing software enhances business efficiency, providing features such as invoice creation, receivables management, and reporting.
  • What is retail billing software?

Retail billing software is designed to generate customize bills of products sold at the billing counters on retail stores. Depending on what details, the seller wants to capture, billing software should allow customization of these invoices. Retail billing software is designed to generate customize bills for products sold at the billing counters in retail stores.

  • How to choose the best billing software?

    Here’s a must-have list of features for the best billing software for your business:
    • Creation of a new invoice
    • Creating customer records/ledgers accounts
    • Predefined invoice templates
    • Multiple currency options
    • Tax compliant invoices
    • Bills receivable management

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What is billing software?

Billing software, commonly known as invoicing software, can be any software designed to simply generate invoices for products and services rendered to customers. Billing software also comes with the ability to track the payment receipts from customers against the invoices issued.

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