Invoicing And Billing Software in USA That Best Suits Your Business


Invoicing And Billing Software In Usa That Best Suits Your Business
Pratibha Devasenapathy | Updated on: May 23, 2023

Billing and invoicing software in USA

Generate smart, and professional looking bills and invoices with TallyPrime! Packed with features and so flexible, that it moulds with your business style, irrespective of your process, generating accurate invoices for better business management.

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What are the best features of invoice and billing software

Billing/invoicing is a crucial process for a business. Since every business is managed differently, a business management software should offer capabilities to a business owner that would help him manage his business more efficiently. From generating bills/invoices based on the line of business, recording invoices in various currencies to handling interruptions, an invoice and billing software should not just take care of everyday business, but add value to boost a business’ efficiency.

Thus, only with proper recording and tracking of invoices, can a business owner manage their inventory and sales in the best possible way. Here are some of the most crucial features a billing and invoicing software must have:

Multiple billing mode

The saying, ‘One size doesn’t fit all’, applies the best when it comes to businesses. Based on the type of business you run, you need a flexible billing solution that would cater to your needs. TallyPrime lets you use the module based on your requirements and usability. If you are in a business that involves inventories, you can use “Item Invoice”. You can choose “Accounting Invoice” to record your service invoices, this is useful for service businesses as well.  Just in case you are accustomed to “Dr Cr” way of recording invoice, you can choose “Voucher mode”, also known as “Transaction mode”.

Multiple billing mode in TallyPrime

Check out multiple sales invoice modes in TallyPrime:

Multi-currency support

Business transactions are mostly not confined to dealing with only local parties. Many organizations have transactions in more than one currency for which foreign currency accounting is required. With TallyPrime, you can record invoice, quotation, orders, accept payments and receive bills in foreign currency. The gains or losses in Forex that occur due to daily variations in currency rates are auto calculated and can be adjusted by simply recording a journal entry.

Multi-currency support in TallyPrime

‘More details’ to capture occasional details

Exemptions can occur at any given point in a business. In such scenarios, your billing and invoicing software must allow you to manage these exceptions in the rightful manner. In TallyPrime, ‘More Details’ feature lets you capture occasional details that come with dealing with a particular supplier or customer or a particular transaction type, without disturbing the flow that you are most used to. Let’s say, occasionally you deal with exports or consignor-consignee type of transitions that requires you to mention the additional details. You can simply use ‘More details’ to capture it. This way, you will be able to capture occasional details without disturbing the regular flow of data entry.  

Find out how to use "More Details" in TallyPrime: 

Do more while invoicing

Multitasking is key for any business’ sound management. TallyPrime, allows you to multitask seamlessly and toggle between various reports and handle the day-to-day interruptions. Let’s say, you are in the middle of the sales invoice but want to record another new sale or any other voucher. You are the middle of making sales invoice but got a call from a customer inquiring about the stock position or pending order? There is an immediate need to print another report being in the middle of a  transaction entry. With TallyPrime’s ‘Go To’, you will be able to handle many such situations without the hassle of switching between multiple instances of Tally or the worry of losing your train of thought.

Multitasking in TallyPrime

Do more with "Multitask" capability: 

Fully flexible to personalize your invoice

Invoice personalisation is crucial for businesses. Capturing certain important details as per the buyer is imperative. With a host of invoice configurations and options in TallyPrime, you can personalize the invoice according to your preference. You can configure your invoice with additional options such as discount column, actual and billed qty. etc, to meet your business requirements. Not just that, you can personalize your invoice with logo and other details as it suits you. Thus, making it even more customized to your business.

Invoice personalisation in TallyPrime

Few more invoicing and accounting features in TallyPrime

  • Your bills receivables and payables are managed automatically while you save your invoice
  • You can pre-set the details such as duty ledgers, additional ledgers etc. to reduce the repetitive data entry in the invoice
  • You can easily record post-dated transactions supported with post-dated register
  • You receive support for promotional transactions such as free schemes, samples through different actual and billed quantity and zero-valued transactions.

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Uses of billing and invoicing software

Automating your billing and invoice with the help of a software will give you several benefits. You can:

  • Faster billing and invoicing
  • Reduce late payments and maintain cash inflow
  • Streamline your accounting and financial processes
  • Generating invoices anytime, anywhere
  • Customise bills and invoices based on your requirements

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Every business involves sales of goods or services. The sales transactions in your business may be a simple cash sales, or even sales on credit. For each sales transaction, you will need to keep a record of the items that you sold, the payment that you received, goods returned, and so on. The bill also serves as a proof of the purchase made by the buyer. Using TallyPrime, you can do all of these and more.

TallyPrime’s billing and invoicing capability allows you to customise your purchase and sales management based on your business needs. For example: While making a sale, let’s say your customer isn’t satisfied with the goods you sold, and wishes to return them. Here, TallyPrime will help you manage this exception seamlessly by simply selecting/typing ‘Rejections In’ option on the screen for that specific transaction. Thus, giving you the capability to modify your sales invoice based on the action that a customer has chosen to take.

TallyPrime billing and invoicing capability
You can also choose a suitable invoice/billing format according to the products/services your business deals with for faster generation. Amazed? Take a free demo today and find out how TallyPrime is the best billing and invoicing software in USA.

Frequently asked questions

Why is a billing or an invoice software required in small businesses?

A billing or an invoice generating software will help small businesses keep track of their business sales and purchase transactions. Based on the requirement, a business owner can generate and print customised invoices with relevant information that would be helpful to manage their business better.

Can I get a free trial of a billing and an invoicing software?

You can choose to opt for a free demo of TallyPrime to take care of your billing and invoicing needs. The flexible business management software will allow you to set configurations that are suitable to your business style and the way your sales and purchase management is handled.

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